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How to Set Goals with Results

January 25, 2022

Face your fear of goal setting. If you want to scale your business, you have to set goals, track them, and adjust. In my podcast episode, “How to Set Goals with Results” I give you my advice on what has worked to help me become a top-producing real estate agent.   Less is more. Set a dedicated time to create goals that aren’t overwhelming. You want to challenge…

6 Tips to Grow your Business Post-COVID

December 13, 2021

Give Yourself Grace. That’s the word I learned to appreciate during the start of the pandemic and the national lockdowns. I had high expectations and goals for 2020. I also had never experienced something so outside of my control affecting my goals and plans so significantly.  It took a while but I learned to give myself grace. To understand that it’s a season, maybe a long one, but…

How to Balance your Day as a Working Mom

December 6, 2021

A productive day starts the night before. Even though a having a consistent bedtime helps, there is more that accumulates to a productive day ahead.  Every night I prepare and lay out everyone’s clothes for the next day, along with packing lunches. Weekdays are long in our family, between work, school, and extracurriculars. Making sure that everything is ready to go is an essential part of my routine.…