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6 Tips to Grow your Business Post-COVID

Give Yourself Grace.


That’s the word I learned to appreciate during the start of the pandemic and the national lockdowns.


I had high expectations and goals for 2020. I also had never experienced something so outside of my control affecting my goals and plans so significantly. 


It took a while but I learned to give myself grace. To understand that it’s a season, maybe a long one, but just a season.


There were days that I was doing school with the kids because all the schools were closed and I didn’t have time to make my work calls.


I completely shifted the way I did business so that I could keep my business going in the right direction and not lose ground, all while doing school with the kids, watching everything unfold in the news, etc. 


Prioritize Planning When Things are Good.


Looking back on 2020 gave me a whole new approach to business planning.  I decided that I would do my best to never be caught that off guard with my business again. 


To structure it in a way that wouldn’t be so set in stone.  A way that as life changes, because it will, the business can change with it yet continue to grow.


My business planning takes place every fall. I focus on my vision and goals for the year and what it will take to achieve those goals.


The first step in that was creating an unshakable foundation that everything else could build on and stay firm even if everything else changed.  To do that, I put systems in place.


Create Sustainable Systems.


Your systems will grow and change as you do. I regularly change the way my business systems operate to better perfect them when my business grows.


Systems you put into place will not be set in stone but the core of them will remain and grow.


When you have systems in place working for you, they can and will run in the background to keep everything else running smoothly.


If things ever go sideways(which they will), you have the availability to address them without neglecting anything else because you know your systems are working for you in the background.


Time Management is Key.


I’ve gotten consistent with time-blocking, and you should too. This is when you get intentional with scheduling your day to prioritize the most important things you need to get done.


I have always time-blocked my days but I built in much more quality time with family and much more focused time for work.


Busy doesn’t always mean productive. Remember that.


For me, having shorter times for calls, emails, and tasks made me work more efficiently because then I don’t have time to procrastinate.


Outsource or Hire Help.


I made the decision to hire more help and my business has been thriving ever since. 


I’ve always had a Transaction Coordinator and I don’t know what I would do with out her managing my transactions, but I made the jump and hired an Executive Assistant. 


My goal was to break past the level of annual sales I had consistently been maxing out at.


By hiring my Executive Assistant, she has increased my business and taken my systems and marketing to a new level. 


She has also taken on all the work that I wouldn’t get to until 11:00 at night when the family was asleep, making my quality of life and the efficiency of my business so much better.


The Most Important Thing is to Focus on the People.


I’ve always kept the amazing people I work with first in my business whether it’s clients, contractors, inspectors, other agents, etc. 


I do this because I love the people I work with and everyone struggled through this pandemic in one way or another.  Whether it was financially or emotionally or something else altogether. 


Take the time to be extra supportive and encouraging to families and people you work with, because we are all just trying to come out on the other side of this pandemic.


Working through the pandemic really brought that into focus.


You may feel stuck in your business or planning to start a new business. Don’t let yourself stay stuck. There are so many resources out there intended to help you grow.


Using these 6 tips I just shared, will help you navigate the overwhelm you may be feeling in your business post-pandemic.


If you choose to implement any of these, be sure to let me know how they work for you by tagging me on instagram @czimm_realtor.

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