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How to Balance your Day as a Working Mom

A productive day starts the night before.


Even though a having a consistent bedtime helps, there is more that accumulates to a productive day ahead. 


Every night I prepare and lay out everyone’s clothes for the next day, along with packing lunches.


Weekdays are long in our family, between work, school, and extracurriculars.


Making sure that everything is ready to go is an essential part of my routine. Because having to run back to the house in the middle of an already busy day can be frustrating. 

Lists are everything!


Before I go to bed, I always write out my list for the next day.  I usually have a list of things I want to accomplish at work and another list of personal/family things for that day.


I only write items for that next day, not for the entire week since things can change so much day to day.


If I have a busy day ahead, I’ll time block so I can see the day broken down. Time blocking a busy day makes my tasks feel manageable and not so overwhelming. 


The best part of planning and listing the day out is when my tasks are done and I can rest and recharge for the remainder of the evening. Taking control of my day makes it so I’m focused on the task at hand, instead of thinking about everything else I need to do.


Once my tasks are completed for the day, I make my list for the next day so I can focus on the rest of my evening with family.

Early morning.


I usually wake up around 5:30 and shower before the kids wake up. This time is essential as a working mom.


I listen to motivational or uplifting podcasts while I get ready and if the kids aren’t awake by the time I’m done, I do a devotional.


Once the kids are awake, around 6:30, we have breakfast, get them dressed, feed the dogs, get the car loaded up and leave around 7:45


After dropping off the kids, I get to the office around 8:30 and start my day. 


I check the list/time-blocking I made the day before and jump right in.  I try to avoid getting into my emails first thing, so I don’t get bogged down and distracted from my list. 


My mornings are usually dedicated to finding new clients and setting appointments with clients.


Around 11 I eat lunch and check emails or update my database.



Afternoons are reserved for showings, meeting with clients, continuing education, and other “housekeeping” business items.


At 3:00 I pick up the kids and we go to a park if it’s nice out. If it’s raining, we go get a treat at the coffee shop or ice cream depending on the season. 


From 4:00-6:00, I chauffer the kids between extracurricular activities and we usually get home around 6:30 in the evening.



6:30-8 is family time. We play, eat dinner, baths for the kids, movies, homework etc. 


Once the kids are in bed, my husband and I tidy up the house and prep for the next day. 

Around 9 we get to relax or take care of extra work items.  We really try to keep work at work and just enjoy being home together but are both flexible since we have demanding careers.


Friday afternoons/evenings and weekends are family time and we love going on adventures, whether it’s camping, fishing, hiking, or off-roading. 

It's a busy life, but we love it!

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