Family Traditions on Whidbey

No two families are alike when it comes to the traditions they live out each year.
My family continues to build traditions that David and I can pass on to our boys, along with future generations.

Before Christmas


Leading up to Christmas we love to go to all the parades and boat parades. 


The whole family loves to go to the Lights of Christmas every year. 


When we want to be cozy at home, we watch all the classic Christmas and Hallmark movies.


We make and eat way too many cookies and have a gingerbread house making competition.


We always decorate Thanksgiving weekend and always cut our own live tree. 


We all get into Christmas, including my husband who outdoes himself every year with Christmas lights outside.

Christmas Eve


As a family, we attend candlelight service at church. 


We have clam chowder (David’s grandmother’s recipe). Santa’s trap gets set up, along with milk and cookies. 


It’s a trap that we set on the floor in front of the fireplace. This was a tradition from my husband, David’s childhood.


We never catch Santa but he always seems to leave something behind for the kids (bells from the reindeers harness, a piece of fabric from his coat in the trap, etc.) 


David once did a det to North Pole Alaska and got a video with Santa and brought back some special goodies for the kids.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning with our family is pretty traditional. 
The kids wake up as early as possible in anticipation of santa’s arrival overnight.
we have coffee & hot chocolate and open all the presents.
The family comes over and we cook all of our family favorite Christmas foods and have an ugly sweater contest amongst ourselves. 
David is still the reigning champion with his knitted women’s sweater vest with no under shirt…


The Holidays are such a special time to be with family and do christmas activities you wouldn’t do any other time of year. The hot cocoa just hits different when you have a christmas movie playing. 

What are your holiday traditions?


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